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Keep More of What You Earn

IFinancer is exactly what you need to make sure you’re staying on track by tracking all your expenses.

Reach Your Goals

With IFinancer you can make a financial plan to achieve your goals.

App features speak for Themselves

IFinancer is a tool that helps business and individuals manage their income and expenses


The income module allows you to keep track of your incomes. Incomes can be sorted in groups. We also capture the account which the income went to for easy accounting.


The expenses module allows you to keep track of your expenses by recording each and every expense. The expenses are grouped into categories, keep track of which account the expense was paid from and calculate the balance.


This feature allows you to set a limit or expected monthly spend, expected monthly earnings and expected monthly saving. After that you can distribute the planned spending amount to different categories

Multiple Currencies

Choose a currency depending on your location.

Alerts and Reminders

IFinancer will notify you when you are close to exceeding your budget.

Beautiful and Responsive UI

IFinancer was made with love and passion that’s why it looks stunning.

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